2015 Presentations

January 8, 2015
An Insider's Look at Washington

Lucian Niemeyer


2014 Presentations

October 4, 2014
DHS – Overview of Environmental Programs

DHS – Overview of Environmental Programs - Dr. Teresa R. Pohlman Director
Sustainability and Environmental Program

September 4, 2014
AF Community Partnership Program

Stephen Zandler-Director AF Comunity Partnership Program

August 7, 2014
Celebrating our Future Engineers

Sophia Gull, Bishop Ireton HS, US Army Camp, Vicksburg, MS
Katherine Krawietz, Robinson HS, USAF Academy Camp, Colorado Springs, CO

Drew Wagner, Battlefield HS, USAF Academy Camp, Colorado Springs, CO
Justin Steiner, Robinson HS, US Marine Corps Camp, Camp Lejeune, NC

May 1, 2014
VDOT—Transportation and Land Use
HB2313 Transportation Funding—Projects and Priotities

April 3, 2014
Welcome to Loudoun!, Department of Economic Development

March 6, 2014
Les Shepherd, FAIA, Chief Architect, General Services Administration

February 6, 2014
Adapting MILCON and other programs due to the changing fiscal environment

January 15, 2014
8th Annual Joint DC/NoVA Small Business and Government Conference
US Small Business Administration

NAVFAC Workload Overview (John Nessius)
Alexandria Economic Development Partnership (Val Hawkins)
Loudoun County Department of Economic Development (Steve Hargan)
Prince William County Department of Economic Development (George Harben)
Veterans Affairs Construction Forecast (Dennis Milsten)
Doing Business with DLA (Trish Culbreth)
Centers of Standardization Program, USACE (Scott Wick)

2013 Presentations

December 17, 2013
Engineering a Sustainable Future (text copy)
Henry J. Hatch, PE, FSAME, NAE

October 30, 2013
The Baltimore District
COL J. Richard Jordan, III, Commander & District Engineer

September 12, 2013
10th Annual Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security Seminar

Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructure (CI), Michael Chipley, PhD PMP LEED AP, President, PMC Group
Implementing Executive Order 13636and Presidential Policy Directive 21 - Status Update, Thomas A. Watson, DHS
Summary of President's Climate Action Plan With A Focus On Adaptation, Kate White, PhD, PE, Sr. Lead for Climate and Global Change (due to illness, delivered by Jay Manik)

August 1, 2013
Celebrating our Future Engineers

Joshua Warren, West Springfield HS, USAF Academy Camp, Colorado Springs, CO
Natasha Turkmani, National Cathedral School, DC, US Army Camp, Vicksburg, MS

Max Marosko, South County HS, USAF Academy Camp, Colorado Springs, CO (4-min narrative movie—8.6MB)

July 11, 2013
Building Strong Collaborative Relationships for a Sustainable Water Resources Future —The Federal Support Toolbox for Integrated Water Resources Management
Steven L. Stockton, PE, SES, Director of Civil Works, USACE

May 2, 2013
FY13/15 USACE Military Program and Project Update
Lloyd C. Caldwell, PE, SES, Director, Military Programs

April 4, 2013
Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project
Larry L. Melton, Jr. Project Executive Director, Bechtel

February 7, 2013
Environmental Programs Update
Rob Sadorra, MBA, M.Eng., PE, Director, Environmental Restoration Division, NAVFAC