Ryan J. Anderson, PE, LEED AP
President, Northern Virginia Post


  • Thank you for visiting the Northern Virginia Post web site.  I am honored to serve as your Post President and feel very fortunate to follow in the footsteps of several great industry and military leaders who have built our Post into a strong and diverse organization.

  • We are a Post that prides itself on providing opportunities for engineers (both military and private industry) to come together and share ideas and innovative concepts with each other.  We also support our local community of heroes to include the Wounded Warrior Battalion on Fort Belvoir.  Finally, we provide much needed support to future engineers through K-12 outreach, scholarships and summer engineer camps for high school students.

  • I would encourage you, whether you are a member of our Post or not, to stop and think about what each of the letters in SAME stands for and what they mean to you. Below is what I think about when I look at each of the letters:
  • S — SocietyWe are a society that focuses on fellowship and helping others; we make a difference and have fun doing it!  I love the feeling that I am part of something greater than myself or my current job.
    A — AmericanWe are proud to serve our country whether in the military or in private industry and SAME provides a way to do that; we also say the pledge of allegiance at every meeting and I love how that gives me something in common with my four children and sets a good example for them.
    M — MilitaryMany of us have past experience in the military but ALL of us honor and respect the freedom that would not be possible without the brave men and women who have or are serving in our military.  You do not have to be prior military to get involved with SAME — we have hundreds of members that are not and they make our Post stronger and more diverse.
    E — EngineersEngineers are problem solvers at their core; we are passionate about engineering and focused on sharing this passion with the next generation of engineers and leaders.  As an engineer I find that the time spent attending Post meetings benefits me in my professional career immensely with new ideas and solutions that I can implement.

  • My first experience with SAME came 18 years ago when I was introduced to the organization while attending a meeting at West Point.  Right away I was impressed with the fact that it brought military and private industry leaders together in a single group.  This is the true power of SAME and the reason that you are or hopefully will choose to get involved.  I can truly appreciate this now because my career is equally divided in years between my time wearing a uniform and time working in private industry.
  • The focus for the 2013 - 2014 Term is to find out from YOU how we can improve and innovate everything the Post is currently doing so that we can provide increased value to our members.  We are already a great Post and do so many fantastic things but I firmly believe that there is always room and a necessity for continuous improvement (we are engineers after all, right?).  Please reach out to me or any other board member if you have an idea about how to improve anything the Post is doing.  We want to hear from you.

  • Lastly, I want to say again how honored I am to serve you and the entire Post this year.  I look forward to seeing you at our meetings and am happy to talk about construction, engineering, your family and career or anything else on your mind.  We have a lot of fun at our meetings, please come and join us!

Ryan J. Anderson, P.E., LEED AP

Project Executive
The Christman Company