Walter O. Bachus Gold Medal
Outstanding leadership and accomplishments in support of the SAME mission over the awardee's entire period of membership in the SAME

Mary Anderson, F.SAME (2008)
CAPT James H. Donahue, P.E., F.SAME, USCG, Ret (2006)
COL Ed Gibson, USA, Ret., F.SAME (2000)
Thomas B. Delaney, P.E., F.SAME (1996)
BG Walter O. Bachus, P.E., F.SAME, USA, Ret. (1974 & 1992)
COL Donald Hazen, P.E., F.SAME, USA, Ret (1985)

Golden Eagle Award
A SAME Fellow for outstanding contributions to the engineering profession

Mr. William A. Brown, Sr., P.E., HAIA (2010)
BG Forrest "Ted" Gay III, F.SAME, USA (Ret.) (2002)

President's Medal
Outstanding leadership and accomplishment in support of the SAME strategic plan during the President's year of office

CAPT Jay G. Manik, P.E., USCG, Ret. (2013)
Mr. William A. Brown, Sr., P.E., HAIA (2005)
Mr. Harry P. Rietman (1997)
MG Pat M. Stevens IV, F.SAME, USA, Ret (2001)

Post Service Medal
For significant and faithful service to SAME at the Post level

Bill Kilpatrick, PhD, PE, LEED AP ID+C (2013)

Regional Vice President's (RVP) Medal
Individuals who have made significant contributions within the Region or local Post in the past year or for longer durations

Tracy Allen
Mary Anderson
CAPT James H. Donahue, PE, USCG, Ret.
Aimee Alix Fogarty
COL Stuart G. Harrison, PE, USA, Ret.
William Kilpatrick, PhD, PE, LEED AP ID+C
LTC Douglas K. Lehmann, USA, Ret.
CAPT Jay Manik, PE, USCG (Ret)
LTC Regan McDonald, USA, Ret.
Jeff Moran
Dick Ragold, PE
Roman J. Roman, PE
Brenda Tudge
Craig M. Lees, P.G.
Patrick Solomon
Donna Vereb

Academy of Fellows
Fellows are members of The Society who have rendered dedicated and outstanding service to The Society and to the engineering profession

Col. Roy C. Agustin, USAF
Ms. Tracy A. Allen
Ms. Mary Anderson
BG Walter O. Bachus, P.E. USA Ret.
Lt. Col. George G. Barksdale, Jr., USAF, Ret.
Mr. William A. Brown, Sr., P.E., HAIA
Brig. Gen. Patrick A. Burns, P.E., USAF (Ret.)
Maj. Gen. Timothy A. Byers, USAF
Mr.Thomas B. Delaney, Jr. P.E.
CAPT James L. Delker, P.E., CEC, USN, Ret.
CAPT James H. Donahue. P.E., USCG, Ret.
COL Alex C. Dornstauder, USA
RADM Patrick W. Drennon, P.E., CEC, USN, Ret.
BG Forrest T. Gay, III, USA, Ret.
COL Edwin P. Geesey, USA Ret.
COL Edward C. Gibson, USA Ret.
COL Stuart G. Harrison, P.E., USA, Ret.
COL Donald E. Hazen, USA, Ret.
Mr. Ronald J. Hubbard, AIA
MAJ Michael J. Johnson, USAF
James R. Jones, P.E.
COL Michael M. Kishiyama, USAR, Ret.
MAJ Lorance D. Lisle, USA, Ret.
CAPT D. Karin Lynn, P.E., CEC, USN, Ret.
CAPT Jay G. Manik, P.E., USCG, Ret.
LTC Regan McDonald, P.E., LEED AP, USA, Ret.
Ms. Linda McKnight
COL Michael S. Meuleners, USA, Ret.
CAPT Nelson N. Mix, P.E., CHMM, USPHS
RADM Harley D. Nygren, NOAA Ret.
John Osborn
Mr. James N. Parks
CAPT Ben Piña, P.E., CCM, LEED AP, CEC, USN, Ret.
COL William J. Poad, P.E., USAF, Ret.
Mr. Richard E. Ragold, P.E.
COL Cardell K. Richardson, Sr., USAF (Ret.)
Mr. Harry P. Rietman
COL Timothy L. Sanford, P.E., USA, Ret.
RADM Ronald F. Silva. P.E., PMP, USCG, Ret.
Mr. Eric D. Stahl, P.E., LEED AP
MG Pat M. Stevens IV, USA, Ret.
Brig. Gen. Philip G. Stowell, USAF Ret.
MG Merdith W. B. Temple, P.E., USA, Ret.
COL Aniello L. (Nello) Tortora, PMP, USA Ret
COL Kurt F. Ubbelohde, USA (Ret.)
COL Jeffrey A. Wagonhurst, USA, Ret.
Mr. John Whisler, Jr. P.E.
Ms. Heather Wishart-Smith, P.E.

Academy Awards:

Gerald C. Brown Mentoring Award (outstanding mentoring efforts by an SAME Fellow)
CAPT Karin Lynn, F.SAME, CEC, USN (Ret.) (2010)
Linda McKnight, F.SAME (2011)
CAPT James H. Donahue, P.E., F.SAME, F.ASCE, USCG (REt.) (2013)
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Tudor Medal (engineering leadership by a civilian Young Member)
Heather L. Wishart-Smith, PE, PMP (2007)